Gdańsk, Poland
September 9–12, 2008

Conference site

Gdańsk, the nest of "Solidarity", a beautiful harbor town of the famous North-European Hanseatic tradition, an important industrial, scientific and cultural center, is located at Gdańsk Bay of Baltic Sea at the mouth of Vistula River. The middle-age old town with monumental buildings and churches, picturesque streets and squares, the historical harbor with the antique crane and granaries as well as boutiques offering amber jewellery attract thousands of tourists from many countries.

Gdańsk is situated approximately 350 km (220 miles) northbound from Warsaw, the capital of Poland, and 12 km (8 miles) from the Lech Wałęsa International Airport.

Information about Gdańsk, including sightseeing attractions, cultural events, hotels & restaurants guide, transportation info, street map, etc., can be found at the town's official web pages.

Conference venue

All sessions were held in conference rooms of the Musician's House (Dom Muzyka) located in the vicinity of the old-town of Gdańsk.