Gdańsk, Poland
September 9–12, 2008

List of Accepted Contributions

F.D. Fischer, J. SvobodaPhysics, Chemistry and Mechanics are Growing Together - the Role of Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics
H.L. Duan, J. Wang, B.L. KarihalooTheory of Elasticity at the Nano-Scale
L. AnandMechanical Behavior of Bulk Metallic Glasses
R. KačianauskasThe Discrete Element Method with Applications to Simulations of Granular Flow and Dynamic Fracture of Solids
M. KaczmarekBio-poromechanics. Problems of Modelling Tissues and Biomaterials
A. Bacigalupo, L. GambarottaModelling of Deformation and Damage of Heterogeneous Engineering Structures: Masonry Mechanics
R.O. RitchieOn the Fracture Mechanics of Bone and its Biological Degradation
P. WriggersA Multi-scale Approach to the Characterization of Heterogeneous Materials
M. DanielewskiMechano-Chemistry at Different Length Scales
M. Itskov, A.E. EhretAn Anisotropic Micromechanically Based Viscoelastic Model for Soft Collageneous Tissues
O.U. Colak, T. HassanCyclic Behavior of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and Modeling
A. John, P. OrantekSelected Applications of Interval and Fuzzy Analysis in Biomechanics
E. Majchrzak, G. Kałuża, J. PoteralskaSolution of the Cattaneo-Vernotte Bio-Heat Transfer Equation by Means of the Dual Reciprocity Method
K. PiechórTravelling Waves in Two Mechanochemical Models of Tumor Angiogenesis
M. Cieszko, W. KrieseInteraction of Ultrasonic Waves with Continuous Inhomogeneity of Porous Materials
A. John, P. Orantek, P. WysotaThe Numerical Modeling of Osteoporotic Changes in Selected Biomechanical Structures
P. KowalczykEffect of Special Layers Shaping on Stress Distribution in Dental Restoration
M. Kopernik, J. NowakNumerical Modelling of the Opening Process of the Three-Coating Aortic Valve
W. Gambin, P. KowalczykAnalysis of Shrinkage Stresses in Light-Cured Dental Restorations
I. Maciejewski, S. Chamera, T. KrzyzynskiApplication of Biomechanical Models in Design and Simulation of Active and Passive Vibration Damping
M. Cieszko, Z. SzczepańskiApplication of Micro Computer Tomography to Identyfication of Pore Structure Parameters of Porous Material
P. KowalczykOrthotropic Model of Cancellous Bone. Application to Simulation of Adaptive Remodelling
B. Nowak, M. KaczmarekModelling Bone - Implant Dynamics
T. LekszyckiModeling of Bone ­ Bioresorbable Graft Interaction
U. Fory¶Mutidimensional Lotka-Volterra Systems for Carcinogenesis Mutations
M. NowakOn Some Properties of Bone Functional Adaptation Phenomenon Useful in Mechanical Design
M. Gzik, D. TejszerskaAnalysis of Influence of Human Head Movement on Cervical Spine Loading Conditions
B. Gambin, A. GałkaRayleigh scattering of ultrasounds in cancellous bone
B. Gambin, A. GałkaFabric tensor and strength surface of bone-like materials
J.V. Wittenberghe, P. De Baets, W. De WaeleAnalysis of a Preloaded Conical Threaded Pipe Connection
J. Ptaszny, P. FedelińskiFast Multipole Evaluation of Domain Terms in Integral Equations of Two-Dimensional Elasticity
J. Chró¶cielewski, M. Rucka, K. Wilde, W. WitkowskiModelling of Wave Propagation in Spatial Frame Elements-Numerical Simulations and Experimental Works
W. Beluch, T. Burczyński, P. OrantekEvolutionary Identification of Laminates' Stochastic Parameters
P. Orantek, T. BurczyńskiThe Local Gradient Method Supported By Artificial Neural Network in Granular Identification Problems
G. Kokot, A. John, W. Ku¶The Complex Welding Process Simulation Using FEM, Parallel Computing and Grid Based Evolutionary Optimization
S. FialkoAggregation Multilevel Iterative Solver Based on Sparse Matrices Technique
T. Rec, A. MileninNumerical Modeling of Macro Segregation Evolution and Change of Stress-Strain State in Billet during Continuous Casting with Mechanical Soft Reduction
J. Knabel, K. Kolanek, V. Nguyen Hoang, R. Stocki, P. TauzowskiStructural Reliability Analysis Using Object Oriented Environment STAND
S. CzarneckiAn Elastic Cube Subjected to Anti-Symmetrical Pressure Loading. Exact 3d Analytical Formulae Versus Numerical Solutions Based on Meshfree Method
Y.M. Abushawashi, S.H. Eshtewi, A.M. OthmanConvergence Behaviour for KPT Finite Elements
I.M. González, H. Miguélez, A. MuñozANN Approach for Modelling Orthogonal Cutting
A. ZmitrowiczContact Stresses - Models and Methods of Computations
I. Páczelt, Z. MrózNumerical Analysis of Some Steady State Wear Problems
V. Pidvysotskyy, R. Kuziak, M. PietrzykPhysical and Numerical Simulation of Forging of Cu-Cr Alloy
B. Szybiński, A. WróblewskiNumerical Analysis of Residual Stresses in Welds of Thick-walled Pressure Vessels
A. Garwolińska, M. KaczmarekNumerical Simulations of Laboratory and Field Tests of Permeability
T. Bednarek, W. SosnowskiComputer Aided Design of Vibrating Structures Accounting for Material Fatigue and Reliability
G. DziatkiewiczIndirect Trefftz Solutions for Plane Piezoelectricity by Stroh Formalism and Collocation Technique
N.C. Marín, M.H. Miguélez, J.A. Canteli, J.L. CanteroLagrangian and ALE Approach for Predicting Residual Stresses in Orthogonal Cutting
T. ŁukasiakThe Adaptive NEM-Delaunay Elements
P. Orantek, A. Długosz, T. BurczyńskiStochastic Identification in Thermomechanical Structures Using Evolutionary Algorithms
M. Wójcik, J. TejchmanFE-simulations of Dynamic Shear Localization in Granular Bodies Using an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Formulation
K. Jach, R. ¦wierczyński, M. MagierNumerical Analyzes of Armour Steel Plates Penetration Process by Subcalibre Projectiles with Monolith and Segmented Penetrators
G. Jurczak, P. Dłużewski, S. Kret, P. RuteranaIndium Clusters Evolution in a InGaN/GaN QW
A. Szekeres, N. PetrovInterdisciplinarity by Thermo-Hygro-Mechanics
K. Frischmuth, W. KosińskiHyperbolic Heat Conduction with Fuzzy Parameters
W. Oliferuk, Z. Płochocki, O. WysockaPulsed IR Thermography for Detection of Material Defects
M.B. RahaeiComparison Lubricity Behaviour of Ti3SiC2 and MoS2 Solid Lubricant
I. RadulescuNumerical Methods Involved in Lubricant Life Cycle Determination
T.J. Hoffmann, M. Chudzicka-AdamczakSaint-Venant's Principle in Magnetoelasticity
M. Cieszko, J. KubikPropagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Inhomogeneous Materials
A.V. Radulescu, F. Petrescu, I. RadulescuTribological Aspects of the Solid-Fluid Interaction for Fresh and Used Lubricants
E. GavrilovaForced Gas-Structure Vibrations in a Rectangular Tank
S.A. LychevCoupled Dynamics Thermoviscoelastic Problem
M.B. RahaeiEvaluation of the Wear Behavior of the Combustion Synthesized TiC-NiAl Composite as Mechanical Seal Rings
M. Cieszko, M. KempińskiDescription of Capillary Potential Curves of Porous Materials
I. Dunajewski, Z. Kotulski Optimal Wireless Sensors Location for Widespread Structures Monitoring
R. WojnarViscous Incompressible Flow in Porous Media
L. Nazarenko, L. Khoroshun, W.H. Müller, R. WilleLong-Term Microdamaging of Composites with Transversally-Isotropic Components for Limited Function of Durability
L. StepanovaEigenspectra and Orders of Stress Singularity at a Mode I Crack in a Power-Law Medium
O. Plekhov, N. Saintier, O. Naimark, T. Palin-Luc, R. Valiev, I. SemenovaThermodynamics of Plastic Deformation of Nanocrystalline Titanium
B. Erzar, P. Forquin, J.R. KlepaczkoStudy of High Strain Rate Behaviour of Micro-Concrete
G. MejakDirect Numerical Computation of the Effective Material Properties of the Material with Random Distribution of the Microcracks
K.P. Mróz, K. DolińskiThe New Fracture Criterion for Mixed-Mode Crack. The MK Criterion
Z. Marciniak, D. Rozumek, C.T. LachowiczThe Energy Approach in the Calculation of Lives for High Cycle Fatigue
L. Sosnovskiy, S. SherbakovModel of Deformable Rigid Body with Dangerous Volume
C.H. WangInterfacial Thermal Stress Analysis of an Elliptical Inclusion with an Imperfect Interface in Anisotropic Plane
J. Kozicki, J. TejchmanSimulation of Fracture Process in Concrete Elements with Steel Fibres Using Discrete Lattice Model
W. Weglewski, M. BasistaModelling of Chemo-Damage in Concrete Due to Sulfate Corrosion
J. Bobiński J. TejchmanFE-Modelling of Concrete Behaviour under Mixed Mode Conditions with Non-Local and Cohesive Constitutive Models
N. Pindra, V. Lazarus, J.B. LeblondSlight In-Plane Perturbation of a System of Two Coplanar Parallel Tensile Slit-Cracks
Á. Kovács, Z. Vízváry, A. KovácsStrength Analysis of a Square-Form Perforated Microfilter
A. Rusinek, J.A. Rodríguez-Martinez, J.R. KlepaczkoAdvanced Constitutive Relation for Numerical Applications: Modeling of Steels in a Wide Range of Strain Rates and Temperatures
S. Shukayev, M. Gladskyi, K. Panasovskyi, A. MovaggarDamage Accumulation Model for Low Cycle Fatigue under Multiaxial Sequential Loading
L. Jański, M. Kuna, M. ScherzerSimulations of Crack Growth in Piezoelectric Structures with Modern, Automatic and Efficient Finite Element Software
A. Kaczyński, B. MonastyrskyyThermal Stresses Around an Interface Rigid Circular Inclusion in a Bimaterial Periodically Layered Space
I. Marzec, J. TejchmanFE-Analysis of the Beaviour of Concrete Elements with Coupled Elasto-Plastic-Damage Models with Non-Local Softening
P. Kłosowski, Ł. PyrzowskiIdentification and Validation of Material Parameters for Isotropic Damage Model in Viscoplastic Flow Conditions
M.H.B.M ShariffExtension of Isotropic Mullins Models to Anisotropic Stress-Softening Models
P. FedelińskiComputations of Effective Elastic Properties of Solids with Microcracks Using the Boundary Element Method
A.V. ZaitsevNonlocal Conditions for the Transition Damage to a Localized Failure in Granular and Fibre-Reinforced Composites under Quasistatic Loading
T. Jankowiak, T. Łodygowski, P. SielickiFailure and fracture of concrete and brick walls imposed by explosion
W.P. Jia, J.G. Wang, D.Y. JuEffect of Strain Path Change on Microstructure and Properties of Hot-rolled Q235 Steel
H.O. GhaffariContact State Analysis by RST & NFIS Analysis
E. Bauer, S.F. TantonoShear Band Analysis of Weathered Broken Rock in Dry and Wet States
C. Slominski, R. CudmaniThe Influence of Soil Plugging on the Driving Resistance and Bearing Capacity of Open-Ended Steel Piles
K. Wilde, M. Rucka, J. TejchmanExperimental and Theoretical Investiagtions of Silo Music During Granular Flow
J. Tejchman, W. WuFE-Calculations of Stress Distribution under Prismatica Nd Conical Sandpiles Within Hypoplasticity
J. Kozicki, J. Tejchman, B. ChareyreComparative Modeling of Shear Localization in Granular Bodies Using a Discrete and Continuum Approach
I. Panteleev, O. Plekhov, I. Pankov, A. Evseev, O. Naimark, V. AsanovScaling Laws of Damage-Failure Transition in Rocks: from Laboratory Tests to Earthquakes
A. Stankiewicz, J. PaminParametric Study of Gradient-Enhanced Cam-Clay Model
X.T. Wang, W. Wu, J. TejchmanUpdate a Simple Hypoplastic Constitutive Model
M. Pinheiro, R. WanIncremental Plastic Response and Flow Rule Postulate under General Three-Dimensional Conditions
Q.H. Jiang, C.B. Zhou, M.R. YeungThree-Dimensional Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (3-d DDA) Coupled with Finite Element Method
A. Sawicki, W. ¦widzińskiPre-Failure Behaviour of Granular Soils
J. RojekSimulation of Rock Cutting with Evaluation of Tool Wear
J. Górski, J. Bobiński, J. TejchmanFE-Simulations of Size Effects in Granular and Quasi-Brittle Materials
B. WranaIdentification of Damping in Soil by means of Morlet Wavelets
L.W. MorlandAge-depth correlation, grain growth and dislocation energy evolution, for three ice cores
N. Chiba, N. Ogasawara, C.R. Anghel, X. ChenA Substrate Effect of Hardness in Film/Substrate Indentation: Finite Element Study on 'Overshoot' Phenomenon of Hardness
R. Pyrz, B. BochenekAtomic-Continuum Equivalence: Atomic Strain Tensor
K.C. Le, D. Kochmann, P. SembiringBridging Length-Scale in Continuum Dislocation Theory
R. StaroszczykA Migration Recrystallization Model for Polar Ice
M. Kursa, H. PetrykThe Energy Approach to Determining Plastic Deformation of Metal Crystals
K. Kowalczyk-GajewskaMicromechanical Modelling of Metallic Materials of High Specific Strength Accounting for Slip-Twin Interactions
Z. Poniżnik, V. Salit, M. Basista, D. GrossModelling of Effective Elastic Properties of Interpenetrating Metal-Ceramic Networks
H. PetrykModelling of Microstructure Formation by Minimization of Incremental Energy Supply
V.A. Eremeyev, W. PietraszkiewiczOn Natural Strain Measures of the Non-Linear Micropolar Continuum
M. SvanadzeBoundary Value Problems in the Two-Temperature Theory of Thermoelasticity of Binary Mixtures
R. Ole¶kiewicz, M. Neubauer, T. KrzyzynskiPiezoelectric Switching Technique for Vibration Damping
A.V. Manzhirov, K.E. KazakovConformal Contact Between a Punch and a Layer with Thin Coating
H.J. Luckner, S.P. Gadaj, W.K. NowackiMechanical Behaviour of TiAl Alloys During Static and Dynamic Deformations
Z. Banach, W. LareckiWave and Diffusive Phonon Heat Transport in Dielectrics and Semiconductors under High Thermal Loads
K. BartoszHemivariational Inequalities Modelind Dynamic Contact Problems in Viscoelasticity
A. Glema, T. Łodygowski P. Perzyna, W. SumelkaAdiabatic Microdamage Anisotropy in Ductile Materials
H.M. Shodja, H. HaftbaradaranSize Effect of an Elliptic Inclusion in Anti-Plane Strain Couple Stress Elasticity
M.H. Pol, M.A. Akbari, G.H. Liaghat, A.V. HosseiniAnalysis of Oblique Perforation of Conical and Ogive Projectiles into Thin Metallic Targets
S.-Y. LeuOn the Limit Internal Pressure of Hollow Cylinders of Strain Hardening Viscoplastic Materials
C. Vallée, L. Lerintiu, D. Fortuné, K. Atchonouglo, M. BanRecovering the Bipotential of an Implicit Standart Material by Fitzpatrick's Method
Yu. Chernyakov, V. Shneider, D. TeslenkoThe Influence of History of Precritical Loading on Bifurcation of Process of Deformation of Elastic-Plastic Bodies
Z. Nowak, W.K. Nowacki, P. Perzyna, R.B. PęcherskiNumerical Investigation of Localized Fracture in Polycrystalline Material (DH 36 Steel) During Dynamic Double Shear Loading Under Adiabatic Conditions
Yu. Bayandin, O. NaimarkMesodefect Induced Mechanisms of Plasticity and Failure in Shocked Solids
T. Żebro, K. Kowalczyk-Gajewska, J. PaminA Gradient-Enhanced Coupled Damage-Plasticity Model in Large Strain Format
R. SouchetOn the Use of Gurson's Model in Continuum Damage Mechanics
S. SherbakovThree-dimensional Stress-Strain State of Roller-Shaft System in Conditions of Contact Interaction and Non-contact Bending of Shaft
Yu.A. Chernyakov, A.S. PolishchukOn Comparison of Theory of Microstrains with Theories, Based on the Conception of Sliding
S. Sherbakov, L. SosnovskiyInfluence of Stress-Strain State Caused by Non-Contact Forces on Formation of Contact Boundary Conditions
C. Vallee, C. Lerintiu, D. Fortune, K. Atchonouglo, M. BanRecovering the Bipotential of an Implicit Standard Material by Fitzpatrick's Method
G. Musielak, B. ¦witDetermination of Moisture Dependance of Material Coefficients for Macaroni Dough
M.B. RahaeiSelf-propagating High Temperature Combustion Synthesis
M.B. RahaeiComparison Mechanical Properties of Combustion Synthesized
S. Shimizu, K. HaraShear Behaviour of Hybrid Steel Girders
V.A. Eremeyev, W. PietraszkiewiczOn Phase Transitions in Thermoelastic and Thermoviscoelastic Shells
H. Abramovich, V. ZarutskyExact Solutions of Problems of Statics, Dynamics and Stability of Non-Closed Circular Cylindrical Shells Strengthened in One Direction by "Almost Regularly Placed" Ribs
J. Pontow, D. DinklerEvaluation of the Perturbation Sensitivity and the Limit Loads of Shells by the Perturbation Energy Concept
R. Attarnejad, M. Eslaminia, A. ShahbaA Novel Method for Static Analysis of Thin Curved Shells with Variable Thickness
V. KovalevAn Asymptotic Approach to Problems of Scattering Acoustic Waves by Elastic Shells
M.R. Khedmati, P. Edalat, M. RastaniBuckling/Collapse Behaviour of Cylindrical Shells in Bilge Region of Ship Hull Girders under Inplane Compression
G. Geymonat, A. MünchControllability for Thin Linearly Elastic Shells
Ya. Grigorenko, S. YaremchenkoStress State of Nonthin Noncircular Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells with Variable Thickness under Different Types of Boundary Conditions.
K. Wisniewski, E. TurskaOn the Improved Membrane Part of Mixed Shell Elements
S. Klinkel, W. WagnerA Piezoelectric Solid Shell Element Accounting for Material and Geometrical Nonlinearities
V.D. Budak, A.Ya. Grigorenko, S.V. PuzyrevFree Vibrations of Orthotropic Shallow Shells of Variable Thickness on Basis of Spline-Approximation Method
J. Górski, T. MikulskiIdentification and Simulation of Shells Geometric Initial Imperfections
W. Pietraszkiewicz, M.L. Szwabowicz, C. ValléeOn Determining the Deformed Shell Midsurface From Prescribed Surface Strains and Bendings
P. KłosowskiMembrane Shell Finite Element for Textile Fabric Modelling Numerical and Experimental Aspects
J. Chró¶cielewski, I. Kreja, A. Sabik, W. WitkowskiComposite Shells in 6-Field Nonlinear Shell Theory
K. My¶lecki, J. OleńkiewiczVibrations of Thick Plate by Boundary Element Method
L. Kurpa, K. LyubitskyR-Functions Method Applying to Large Deflection Analysis of Orthotropic Shallow Shells on Elastic Foundation
R. Schlebusch, B. ZastrauOn a Surface-Related Shell Formulation for the Numerical Simulation of Textile Reinforced Concrete Layers
M.R. Khedmati, P. Edalat, M. RastaniA Numerical Investigation Into the Effects of Parabolic Curvature on the Buckling Strength of Deck Stiffened Plates
C. MardareRecovery of Displacement Fields From Stress Tensor Fields in Shell Theory
J. Krużelecki, D. TrybułaOptimal Stabilization of Postbuckling Path for Conical Shells under External Pressure
A.L. Bessoud, F. Krasucki, M. SerpilliMultimaterials with Shell-Like Reinforcement
I. KrejaLarge Elastic Deformations of Laminated Cylindrical Panels under Point Load
E. HarutyunyanInvestigation of Oscillation Process of the Shell Element by Method of Finite Elements
C. González-Montellano, E. Gallego, J. Morán, F. AyugaThe Effect of Patch Load on Corrugated Silo Walls
A. Loktev, D. LoktevDynamic Contact of the Elastic Impactor and Spherical Shell
S.H. SargsyanTheory of Micropolar Thin Elastic Cylindrical Shells
P. Panasz, K. Wi¶niewskiNine-Node Assumed Strain Shell Element with Drilling Rotation
G.D. Gavrylenko, V.I. MatsnerFree Vibrations of Smooth Cylindrical Shells
H. Altenbach, V.A. EremeyevOn the Mechanics of Functionally Graded Plates
V. Kuznetsov, S. LevyakovFormulation of the Initial Invariant-Based Shell Finite Element Model Using the Plane Curve Geometry
M. BîrsanSome Problems Concerning the Deformation of Anisotropic Cosserat Elastic Shells
K.T. Han, Y. JinDevelopment of Forming Process of the Muffler Tube for Heavy Equiments
P. IwickiComparison of Non-Linear Statical Analysis of Truss with Linear and Rotational Side Supports and 3D Roof Model
A.V. Manzhirov, D.A. ParshinRaising of a Semi-Circular Vault
T. SokółGeneralized Formulation of Eigenvalue Problem for Nonlinear Stability Analysis
R. JankowskiShaking Table Experimental Study on Structural Pounding during Earthquakes
P.H. Piotrowski, R. JankowskiPrefabricated Structures under Earthquake Excitation: Damage and Failure of Connection Joints
A. Ghods, A. GhoddosianShape Optimization for 2D Contact Problem with Genetic Algorithm
B. Błachowski, W. GutkowskiA Hybrid Continuous-Discrete Approach to Large Discrete Structural Optimization Problems
K. Dems, J. Wi¶niewskiOptimal Fibers Arragement in Single- and Multilayered Composite Materials
K. Szajek, W. K±kol, T. Łodygowski, M. WierszyckiIncorporating Two Optimization Algorithms into FEA Environment
A. Garstecki, Z. Pozorski, R. StudzińskiMulti-Objective Optimal Design of Multi-Span Sandwich Panels with Soft Core, Allowing for Variable Support Conditions
C. Iancu, A. NioataStatic FEA of Mechanical Complex Structures
M. Chalecki, W. NagórkoA Nonasymptotic Modelling of Heat Conduction in Solids Reinforced by Short Fibres with Functional Gradation of Features
L. Nunziante, M. FraldiA Procedure for Defect Identification of Suspension Bridges Cables by means of Optical-Fibre Strain Measurements
R. Górski, P. FedelińskiFree Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Plates by the Boundary Element Method
W. Beluch, T. Burczyński, A. DługoszEvolutionary Computing in Multi-Objective Optimization of Laminates
Sz. ImiełowskiEnergetic Approach to Stability of Beam-Columns Subjected to Deformation Dependent Loading
A. Khurana, S.K. TomarLongitudinal Wave Response of a Chiral Slab Interposed Between Micropolar Solid Half-Spaces
A. Le van, T.T.H. NguyenA Weak Formulation for the Large Deformation Contact Problem with Coulomb Friction
Q. Zhang, Ł. JankowskiOff-Line Reconstruction of Dynamic Loads
K. LisowskiSparse Grid and Evolution-Type Algorithm in Shape Optimization for Beck's Column
D. Bojczuk, M. JabłońskiGeometric Sensitivity Analysis of Truss and Frame Structures
A. Bobylov, A. ZubkoApplication of the Stabilization Method for Analysis of Geometrically Non-Linear Forced Vibrations of Elastic Beams on Unilateral Winkler Foundation
A. My¶lińskiLevel Set Method in Structural Optimization
A. Gorjipoor, A. AbedianGenetic Algorithm Optimization of Helicopter Blades Vibration Transition
S. Stupkiewicz, H. PetrykMicromechanical Modelling of Pseudoelastic SMA Polycrystals under Non-proportional Loading
H. Tobushi, E.A. Pieczyska, W.K. Nowacki, T. Sakuragi, Y. SugimotoTorsional Deformation and Rotary Driving Characteristics of SMA Thin Strip
E. PieczyskaStress-Induced Martensite Transformation in TiNi SMA - Experimental Estimation of Energy Balance
J.A. Rodríguez-Martínez, A. Rusinek, D.A. Pedroche, A. Arias, J.R. KlepaczkoMechanical Behaviour of TRIP Steels Subjected to Low Impact Velocity at Wide Range of Temperatures
S. Starenchenko, I. Radchenko, V. StarenchenkoInfluence of Plastic Deformation on Structural Characteristics and Long-Range Order in Ni3Al Alloy
S.J. Kowalski, A. RybickiEstimation of Material Effort During Drying Processes
W. Oliferuk, M. MajStress-Strain Curve and Stored Energy During Uniaxial Deformation of Polycrystals
E.A. Pieczyska, H. Tobushi, W.K. Nowacki, T. Sakuragi, Y. SugimotoDeformation Behavior of TiNi SMA Observed by Local Strain, Thermography and Transformation Band
T. InoueTransformation Plasticity. The Mechanism, Constitutive Equation and Applications
E. Majchrzak, B. Mochnacki, J.S. SuchyIdentification of Boundary Heat Flux on the External Surface of Casting
E.A. Pieczyska, W.K. Nowacki, S.P. Gadaj, H. TobushiTiNi SMA - Investigation of Stress-Induced Martensite Reverse Transformation, Independent of Thermal Influences of the Forward One
S.V. StarenchenkoFeatures of the Temperature-Induced and Deformation-Induced Order-Disorder Phase Transition
S.J. Kowalski, A. RybickiStress Reverse and Residual Stresses in Dried Materials
G. Ziętek, Z. MrózDescription of Cyclic Hardening of Material with Plasticity Induced Martensitic Transformation
C. Urbina, S. De la Flor, F. FerrandoThermal Cycling Effect on Different Two Way Shape Memory Training Methods in NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
D.Y. Ju, X.D. Hu, Z.H. ZhaoInelastic Behaviour and Numerical Analysis in Twin-roll Casting Process of AZ31 Alloy
M. Janus-MichalskaMicromechanical Model of Hyperelastic Behaviour of Cellular Materials
B. Dyniewicz, C. BajerInertial Moving Loads
A. D±browska-TkaczykThe Method of Evaluation of Orthotropic Properties of Bone Tissue "in situ"
S. Ilic, K. HacklApplication of the Multiscale FEM to the Modeling of Composite Materials
S. Tokarzewski, J. GilewiczMatrix Padé Bounds on Effective Transport Coefficients of Anisotropic Two-Phase Media
R. Balevičius, R. Kačianauskas, Z. Mróz, I. SielamowiczComparison of Wall Pressures Measured in the Model Silo with DEM Simulation